Grease and oil are both common lubricants. The main difference between them is that grease consists of an oil AND a thickener. Typically, greases have a semi-solid to solid consistency. Greases and oils need to provide adequate lubrication in all conditions such as hot and cold temperatures, heavy loading, wet and steamy conditions and indoor and outdoor environments.

Oil as a Lubricant

Oil is the best choice in the following circumstances or applications:

  • applications that require extremely low torque or a narrow range of torque variation
  • applications that exhibit high speeds and high operating temperatures

Grease as a Lubricant

Grease is a mixture of fluid lubricant and a thickener dispersed in oil. As a lubricant for bearings, grease is going to be the best choice in the following circumstances or applications:

  • systems or applications where an oil product would not be retained
  • applications with slower operating speeds
  • applications that require an added seal of protection from contamination and moisture​

Advantages of Grease over Oil

There will be instances when oil will be a better choice of lubricant for your application. However, grease tends to be a better fit for some applications due to the following reasons:

  • Ease of retention – stays in place
  • Minimal application – reduced maintenance cost
  • High reliability – historical reliability in electric motors
  • Protection – helps keep out moisture and contaminants
  • Clean – minimal leaking/dripping
  • Greased for life – ideal for inaccessible bearing applications

Lubricants, Greases & Chemicals available from XMT

  • Automotive oil and grease
  • Industrial oil and grease
  • Food grade oil and grease
  • Equipment related to the oil and grease industry
  • Environmental services and recycling – oil and grease industry
  • Industrial cleaning chemicals
  • Household cleaning chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Food grade chemicals
  • Automotive cleaning chemicals

Engine Oils

  • 15W40
  • Synthetic 10W40
  • Synthetic 5W30
  • SAE40


Red rubber grease. Food grade grease. Food grade oil. Food grade grease 00. Seal grease. Klueber H1 grease. White food grade grease. Synthetic grease. SHC220 grease. SHC100 grease. Groz grease. Red synthetic grease. High temperature grease. BPW axle grease. Blue grease. Molly paste. Drawing lubricant. Drawing paste 700. Molybdenum disulphide. Copper paste. Copper grease. Graphite grease. 22G grease. Nickel grease. Moly lead oxide. Torqueing grease. Synthetic grease. 400gr tube grease. Non-melting grease. Bentonite grease. Wurth grease. Grease gun. GR33FD. Grease gartridges.

Specialised Lubricants

Food grade oil. Food grade grease 00. Food grade hydraulic oil. Aluminium cutting oil. Soluble aluminium cutting oil. Castrol Perfecto T 46. Castrol Perfecto T 32.  Synthetic oil. Wurth oil. S10 pneumatic oil. Food grade gear oil. Synthetic gear oil. Fluorinert electrical fluid. Extreme pressure lubricants.

Cleaning Chemicals

Enviro 14000+ degreaser. Eco degreaser. Eco-friendly degreaser. High concentrate degreaser. Bio degreaser. Bio-degradable chemicals.

For detail regarding our filling service for either own products or sourced products, refer the Services page.

XMT Specialised Products

  • Graphite grease (14%) trucks – 5th wheel
  • Rock drill grease – mining
  • Food grade grease – manufacturing lines for the food industry
  • High temperate grease –high temperature applications such as furnaces and for bearings
  • Synthetic grease – all machinery requiring synthetic grease – higher grade greases from Group1 Base oils or synthetically derived bases

Transport Related Products

  • Load securing euipment – chains, straps, tarpaulins etc.
  • Trailer equipment – tailboards, electrical, air
  • Brakes